The Blend All-Inclusive

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‘The Blend’ is Changing Lives.

Includes: The Blend 2.0, The Blend Restore, The Blend Magic, The Blend Soothe

The full Blend line up ensures you’re covered from head to toe.

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Includes: The Blend 2.0 , The Blend Restore, The Blend Magic, The Blend Soothe

The Blend CBD works with your Endocannabinoid system to achieve homeostasis AKA balance. Delivering, pain& inflammation relief, deep sleep, hormone balance, digestive health, blood sugar control, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, anxiety/depression relief, focus and concentration,  +++.

The Blend Magic topical offers instant pain and tension relief, using it on cuts, burns, boo-boos, sore muscles, and headaches/migraines. The Magic will aid in skin restoration for brown spots and wrinkles!

The Blend Soothe is your go-to for everything skin related. Sensational for eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, acne , skin infections, burns, cuts, moisturizing face cream and will help reduce wrinkles and brown spots.

The Blend Restore is your ultimate bath or foot soak that will provide the body with a solid dose of magnesium!  Feel the pain pulled from your body, promote deep sleep, eases tension, neutralizes toxins, and aids in muscle recovery.

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5 reviews for The Blend All-Inclusive

  1. Amanda (verified owner)

    Amazing Products been using the the blend for around a year now on my whole family even my pets. But I just used the restore because I was in A LOT of pain and my son had a little bit of a red bottom started we both soaked and then slept really good. My hips have been awful legs restless and feet hurting from pregnancy number four and that was probably the best sleep and the best Ive felt relax for the first time in forever and my son was no longer red!!! I also used the soothe both smell Amazing. I put it on my baby bump and no itchy belly and on my hip with in 10 to 15 min. The pain was already easing up already…. And lets not forget the magic lets be honest there isnt much you cant use it. Its a true mom must have. All 4 are really… My kids love and fight for for 1st place when it comes to line up for cbd time… Plus you get so much for such a great deal!!!

  2. Teresa Bonavota

    I’ve been using all these products since March of this year and I can honestly say it works! I love all the products. Finally something that is clean and works!

  3. Eileen (verified owner)

    I have been using The Blend, Soothe and Restore and TRS for a few weeks now. I am finding I am actually finally getting a few hours of good sleep. I have not slept good in many years. I have also noticed my moods are getting better. I feel more awake and alive! For the first week, to 2 weeks of TRS I was more tired and blah feeling, but I stuck with it and starting to notice my sleep patterns are getting better and my daily headaches are becoming less and less. Soothe has been one of my kids favorites! Any scrapes my littles get, they ask for it. My oldest is going through puberty and getting pimples. She started using a small dab at the first sign of a pimple and they go away so fast! She loves it! We are incredibly happy with our results in the last few weeks.

  4. Amanda

    I purchased the all inclusive and I love these products! I use restore a few times of week and have the best sleeps, I use the blend daily and my anxiety and stress are at an all time low. I use sooth on my face at night and wake up with fresh skin in the morning! I can’t rave enough if haven’t tried these products get on it!! ????

  5. Kathy Zbell (verified owner)

    My fiancé and I purchased this package! Everyone of these products do magical things!! It was worth it all- the salve is remarkable- very healing for skin conditions- cannot day enough about The Restore Magnesium flakes for the bath and for soaks! Soaking in a bath with this product leaves your body totally relaxed and with less pain! The Magic roll on is amazing as well I used it several times for the pain I had in my back and legs . All these products are pure “Magic” !!

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