Fulvic & Humic Acid is a potent macro-nutrient
blend of 75+ trace minerals, amino acids &

Humic/Fulvic Minerals & Electrolyes is an organically extracted liquid fulvic-humic acid from raw natural humates. These humates come from pristine deposits in the western United States that are around 80 million years old

Our testing standards set forth by the Humic Products Trade Association. Their testing calculates the HA at 22% and the FA at 25%. The remaining 53% is the trace minerals present.


• Strengthen Immune System
• Enhances The Immune System
• Cleanse Toxins + Heavy Metals
• Support Weight loss
• Balance Hormones
• Assist in Nutrient Absorption
• Aid in Cellular Hydration
• Restore Digestive Health,
• Improve Cognitive Function
• Bone Health
• Pain and Inflammation