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About Us

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Our mission is to encourage
a powerful wellness journey with life-changing products

The Blend Wellness

The Blend Wellness was conceived in 2017 when my business partner and I noticed a void in a rapidly expanding industry. Hemp was trending and everyone wanted a piece of the market. However, that majority didn’t care about the consumer or the true healing benefits of the plants. Our intention was to create products that were healing, impactful, and genuine. The objective was to ensure superb quality, proper testing, and assure no chemicals or preservatives in anything we brought to market.

Thus the BLEND was born. We came to market with products that were enhanced with terpenes, herbal drivers, botanicals, and nature's most powerful constituents.

6 years later and this baby business has changed thousands of lives, created hope, and given people who thought there were no answers, the power of plants!

As we continue to expand, formulate and create high-quality wellness products we maintain the same intentions that we set out from day one.

Thank you for leaning in, asking questions, creating community, and supporting my small business.

The Holistic Bitch™

Lesley Rubinoff CNP.NNCP.

Certified Holistic Practitioner & Nutritionist

A dynamic holistic practitioner who's branded herself as " The Holistic Bitch"™ the meaning:
BE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF HIM/HERSELF/ HEALTH. Lesley walks the talk and talks the talk! Focusing on finding the root

Over the past 11 years, Lesley has worked globally with her clients via her virtual office. Her online presence reaches more than 60,000 people daily. Her main goal is to educate, inspire and motivate others to live a clean life by promoting healthy and clean living choices.

Lesley has been involved in the creating and working with the earths most powerful botanicals , herbs, algae’sand minerals to help people live their best life.

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