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The Blend


Full spectrum hemp oil enhanced with 7 drivers and 60+ Medicinal terpenes. 

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The Blend has been infused with 60 plus terpenes plus several drivers. Black seed oil, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint, and hemp leaf oil. Each of these nutritional drivers has its own set of properties and delivers a plethora of benefits to the body. Each one contains numerous terpenes, a key factor in why the Blend delivers! Combined with all the cannabinoids present in The Blend, these drivers help increase the bio-availability and aid in the liver metabolism of CBD. These drivers help increase the absorption and utilization of CBD, maximizing your CBD experience!


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30 reviews for The Blend

  1. Ali Brown

    I can’t live without The Blend! Anxiety, headache, lady issues, sleep – it solves it all. It’s GOLD! Must have

  2. Nicole Sherman

    I started taking the blend after I had ACDF surgery in my neck. I have been taking it ever since. I tried just taking it a night, multiple times, but my neck pain always comes back. I take 3 drops in the am, 3 drops at noon if needed, and 3 drops at bedtime. I tied at least 6 other CBD oils, nothing comes close. Sleep like a baby and have the craziest fun dreams. I will not go without my blend!

  3. Alexandra Georgiou

    The Blend has been a life saver for me. It calms me and helps balance my emotional imbalances. My sleeping at night has been better and overall just much more balanced and relaxed.

  4. Maria R. (verified owner)

    Absolutely can’t be without it, I have tried so many other brands and nothing comes even close! I had so many issues with my sleep and now sleep like a baby.

  5. Katherine

    I originally started using the blend specifically for my anxiety. After a few months of taking It I realized all of the additional benefits it has provided. I have chronic pain on a previously broken ankle and foot that was not treated properly, in addition to taking the pain away it has also helped with the major inflammation the injury had caused. This stuff is magic, I highly recommend it!

  6. Heather Bradley

    This is a MUST have for anyone. I have been using it on my kids for almost 2 years! The Blend got us through some awful teething times with our Quadruplets and when they didnt feel well. It’s helped my special needs 6 year old have reduced anxiety and we worked past a few of his sensory triggers! My family of SEVEN with daily use go through ONE bottle a month! Give this a try you WONT regret it!

  7. Stefanie Glowinsky

    This stuff is pure liquid gold!!! I suffer from anxiety, insomnia, etc… I have tried so many different CBD oils out there, and I can honestly say, nothing compares to the Blend!!! Anytime I feel my anxiety creep up, I take the Blend, and almost instantly, my anxiety is gone! I take this stuff with me EVERYWHERE!!!!

  8. Danielle Moore

    I absolutely love the blend. I have tried other types of CBD oil and this by far has helped me the most. It has lessened my anxiety tremendously and allows me to stay calmer than normal. It has also helped me with constipation(gross I know but we need to go!) and has relieved my menstrual cramps as well! You gotta try it !

  9. Carrie Elamir

    I purchased The Blend to help me with anxiety and panic attacks. I do take it nightly but when I do have a panic attack it helps my body calm down right away. I’ve tried other CBDs and this one is by far superior. It’s the only one I’ve recommend to friends and family.

  10. Natalie

    I started taking The Blend postpartum. My hormones, my sleep…all out of wack. I suddenly found I was dealing with some anxiety I hadn’t before had. The Blend is amazing and has improved all my issues. Lesley is amazing to work with and not only has she created an amazing product, she is full of all kinds of wisdom. Her and her product are the real deal. No crap…just all the good stuff. I trust her, and this product 100%.

  11. Trudy S.

    This product is amazing!!! I have been using it for several months and it’s helped with my sleep tremendously. I actually feel rested and that’s awesome!!!! I actually got pregnant after taking it which I never thought would happen!!! I’m so glad that I took the chance to try the Blend…. And I’ve even gotten family members to try as well.

  12. Jiordana Saade

    I have used many CBD oils for myself and for clients and none of them come close!
    The blend reduces anxiety and panic attacks almost immediately. It is also really helpful for regulating hunger signals, reducing inflammation, and balancing hormones! I recommend it to everyone I can! This is a fantastic product. Lesley is also there with every step of the way. She is so knowledgeable and dedicated to her following. It is clear she truly wants to help people regain their health. You will not be disappointed!

  13. kelli

    i started using the blend 2.0 for nerve damage in my left arm due to prescribed psychiatric pharmaceuticals. {my left arm jerks, shakes and isn’t capable of holding an empty glass or anything heavier}. not only can i hold large hot drinks in cups and large candles…. and children, my arm doesnt jerk or lose grip while im on the blend. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE……. i have mental illness…. and one debilitating part is the anxiety so strong i can feel my insides vibrating…. erased by 6 drops 2x a day of the blend. i hadnt even really realized how much anxiety was eased until i ran out of the blend and couldnt cope. AND another thing lol…. i have arthritis aswell as osgood schlatter disease in my left knee. i absolutely noticed that i was pain free from both. last winter i fell on the ice…. on my knee…. my knee was so bad i literally contimplated pain killers ( havent had pain killers in over 20 yrs) but the pain was so horrible and my knee was very swollen. the doctor wanted to give me cortisone shots. i declined and up’d my dose of the blend 2.0 for 5 days and my knee was back to normal. i truly believe this product should be covered by government because im on odsp but im convinced, i cant do without the blend. quick story, i wasnt going to buy it this month after having $260 stolen from me…. i tried for 3 weeks to go without it……my knee hurt, my arm jered, my period bent me outta shape and my mind is dreadfully dark. i couldnt cope…it arrived today and im in tears grateful.

  14. Becky Schoeppner

    Love, love, love this stuff. It has helped me with anxiety, insomnia and digestive issues. My husband started taking it and his blood pressure pressure went from 155/90 to 132/82. What a great natural way to help your body in so many ways. ♥️ Thanks you!!

  15. Ocean

    I’ve tried all types of cbd and this is by far the best tasting and works like a charm.

  16. Sejal

    I’m a lightweight so I took 2 drops of CBD last night and man, I think I was smiling in my sleep. Every time I moved, I felt like I was smiling. I have no witnesses lol! It was such a nice, peaceful sleep! Waking up for work wasn’t a struggle today. I wanted more of that good sleep but next time I’ll just go to bed earlier to get more. I just got up and went to shower without dragging me feet and dreading the day. Instead, I felt ready to take on my day. Thank you so much for this blend! Looking forward to purchasing a bundle of products from here soon. ????

  17. Kim Harsch (verified owner)

    Hi Lesley…..I would like to personally thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your products. I have been ordering the Blend for a few year now. All I can say is “WOW”. I wish I would have found you sooner. I had off the chart anexity for years! I have tried so many different things including CBD’s but I finally discovered yours and it really works! I have RA and recently tried the “Magic”. It is truly magic! I also use it for the hang nails and splits on my hands from washing them to much!

    Best regards

  18. Sara Stein

    This product has been a game changer for improving my anxiety. Months ago, I suffered debilitating panic attacks, anxiety and mild depression and taking 3 drops 2 X a day has helped tremendously. I no longer have panic attacks often and am off my anxiety medication.

  19. Teresa

    The oil has helped me so much with my sleep and anxiety. It’s so clean and pure it’s my go to every day! Best product out there.

  20. Amy

    The blend has been amazing for my inflammation issues! I can’t recommend enough!!! It has definitely helped with my sleep ans anxiety also – overall great product!!

  21. Donna Garlicki (verified owner)

    I am so happy to have found Lesley and the Blend cbd oil- its quality is the best and it works! it helps me daily with sleep, anxiety, headaches and vertigo symptoms. I also take it for the immune support it provides. I take 5-6 drops 2 x a day. Love it! Never want to be without it!

  22. Rebecca Gray

    I take this when I have panic attacks and it works instantly, stopping the anxiety! My mother in law and husband have taken it for joint pain they’ve had for years, and it also worked instantly! We are all amazed.

  23. Danielle M.

    Testimony on the blend so far!

    So, ever since I have been taking it, my anxiety has seriously diminished. So usually I’m really worried about every illness know to man and I have been diagnosed with PTSD from my therapist. Well anyways, when I started your CBD I was in a really bad place mentally. I couldn’t focus on the good and just live in the moment. The little things would bother me and I would always get bent out of shape.

    After I started taking it I noticed a difference in my overall anxiety. I was able to handle a plane ride again, tolerate the little things that usually would get me all worked up, and I sleep better.
    Also, this stuff works amazing at keeping pms cramps at bay. I take it daily and even more when it’s that time.

    ❤️ You never know if something will work for you until you try!

  24. Katie (verified owner)

    Love this product! Helps me tremendously with menstrual issues and keeps me focused also helps with a great nights sleep.

  25. Kathy Zbell

    The Blend is a product I believe in I have suggested it to many of my friends because I know what it can do! It helps with so many maladies – insomnia is a problem some nights for me and The Blend gives me a restful sleep. I injured my leg a couple years ago and sometimes the residual pain still lingers- it’s helped with that too.. my fiancé used it for Shingle pain- This product should be kept in everyone’s house as a go to when our days give us all the maladies we have! I don’t ever want to be without these “magic” drops!!!!

  26. Dina

    I just have to leave my review on the blend because I am just blown away. I recently quit smoking and other things to help me sleep. I was having a really hard time adjusting to falling asleep naturally. I saw reviews on here where people advised the blend would help with sleep, so my fiancé and I started to take it and we would get the best nights sleep! But that’s NOT even the most amazing part! About a week later, I started getting really bad anxiety. I always had anxiety growing up, and was able to manage it. But now that I quit smoking, the anxiety was 100x worse. I couldn’t drink anything caffeinated as my anxiety was so bad and my chest pains were horrible. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest and got heavier by the minute. I was in tears, and I remembered the blend has helped with anxiety. I took a few drops under the tongue… And I pretty much had instant relief within 2 minutes or less. I can’t even believe it.. It’s like that weight on my chest just lifted… Like seriously. I can’t believe how something so simple could help relieve this horrible feeling. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY LIFE BETTER!! ????????❤️

  27. Missy S. (verified owner)

    I have been taking the Blend for 2 weeks now twice a day and I am amazed about how much more energy I have. I also have suffered from extreme anxiety in the past and now I know I “should” be feeling anxious over something but my body just isn’t…this is a direct result of using this CBD Blend! The change it has made in my day to day life is wonderful and I am grateful for Leslie and this Blend.

  28. Lisa B

    So I’ve been using the Blend for about a week now. This product is the real deal! I don’t typically write a lot of reviews but feel this one is deserving. The Blend relaxes me, helps me sleep better and has definitely increased bowel movements. Mostly, I’ve been using this product once a day but plan on increasing it to two times a day. I like it so much that I ordered some for my dog Coco. I can’t wait for it to come in to see how he benefits from it.

  29. Jamie Allen (verified owner)

    The blend has helped me so very much I sleep so much better now and it helps my digestion as well. I feel better during the day and all I do in day is use 3 drops about 2:00 pm then at night I take 6 drops and sleep like a baby!!!!! The Blend is amazing

  30. Ichelle (verified owner)

    The Blend CBD oil is miraculous. I was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic last year (LADA), and it is phenomenal watching my body respond to this miracle supplement. You don’t need much, that’s how powerful and amazing it is. Sparing a medical lesson, my Type 1 diabetes is auto immune related, so inflammation is a constant battle. When inflammation is triggered, I get a slew of auto immune flares, including high glucose. As soon as I take The Blend as directed, my glucose drops and levels out. Additionally, my other flares dissipate. I only wish others with auto immune disorders can benefit as I have. This is the Rolls Royce in CBD oil. Trust Lesley, she knows her shit!

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